Tableau Connector for QuickBooks Online

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Query QuickBooks Recurring Transaction for Bills.

Table Specific Information

We can perform Select operation on RecurringBillTransactions table.


Bill_Id, Bill_MetaData_CreateTime, Bill_MetaData_LastUpdatedTime can be used for server side filter. The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.

SELECT * FROM RecurringBillTransactions;
SELECT * FROM RecurringBillTransactions WHERE bill_id = 25544
SELECT * FROM RecurringBillTransactions WHERE bill_MetaData_CreateTime = '2020-12-28 23:07:26'
SELECT * FROM RecurringBillTransactions WHERE bill_MetaData_LastUpdatedTime = '2020-12-30 14:47:54'
SELECT * FROM RecurringBillTransactions WHERE bill_id = 25538 AND bill_MetaData_CreateTime = '2020-12-28 23:07:26' AND bill_MetaData_LastUpdatedTime = '2020-12-30 14:47:54'


Name Type References Description
Bill_Id [KEY] String The Id of the Recurring Transaction.
Bill_SyncToken String The Version number of the object.
Bill_MetaData_CreateTime Datetime The time the record was created.
Bill_MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime The time the record was last updated.
Bill_CurrencyRef String The Id of the currency used in the transaction.
Bill_CurrencyRef_Name String The currency used in the transaction.
Bill_TotalAmt Decimal The total bill amount.
Bill_APAccountRef_Name String The account reference name.
Bill_APAccountRef String The account reference value.
Bill_Sparse Boolean The Recurring transaction is sparse or not.
Bill_VendorRef_Name String The vendor reference name.
Bill_VendorRef String The vendor reference value.
Bill_SalesTermRef_Name String The sales reference name.
Bill_SalesTermRef String The sales reference value.
Bill_Balance Decimal The transaction balance.
Bill_LineAggregate String An XML aggregate of the line items of a transaction.
Bill_RecurringInfo_Name String The Recurring Info name.
Bill_RecurDataRef String The recurring data reference value.
Bill_RecurringInfo_RecurType String The Recurring Info recurring type.
Bill_RecurringInfo_Active Boolean The Recurring Info is active or not.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_IntervalType String The Recurring Info interval type.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_NumInterval Integer The Recurring Info num interval.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_DayOfWeek String The Recurring Info day of week.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_DayOfMonth String The Recurring Info day of month.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_WeekOfMonth String The Recurring Info week of month.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_StartDate Datetime The Recurring Info start date.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_NextDate Datetime The Recurring Info next date.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_PreviousDate Datetime The Recurring Info previous date.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_MaxOccurrences String The max number of recurring occurrences.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_RemindDays String The days before start date for a reminded RecurType.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_MonthOfYear String The month of the year.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_DaysBefore String The days before the scheduled date.
Bill_RecurringInfo_ScheduleInfo_EndDate Datetime The end date for the recurring schedule.

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