Tableau Connector for QuickBooks Online

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Retrieve deleted records of a given entity like Customer, Invoice, BillPayment etc.

GetDeletedAsView is capable of retrieving the ID and deletion time of QuickBooks Online entities such as Customer, Invoice, BillPayment, though it is not capable of retrieving this information about their children. LineItems are a common example of children, where BillPaymentLineItem is a child of BillPayment. This is a limitation of the QuickBooks Online API.

EntityName is required to be specified in the WHERE clause of a query for this view. Note that EntityName refers to the QuickBooks Online API name, rather than the table name that CData provides. For example, the Vendors table represents Vendor entities. Please refer to the QuickBooks Online API Reference for all entity names.

The following query retrieves deleted record information for the 'Customer' entity:

SELECT * FROM GetDeletedAsView WHERE EntityName = 'Customer' 


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] Long The Id of the deleted entity.
EntityName String The name of deleted entity.
DeletedTime Datetime The date and time when the record was deleted.

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Build 23.0.8839