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Query QuickBooks Credit Card Payments.

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This view will retrieve all the credit card payments from the user's account.

SELECT * FROM CreditCardPayments WHERE Id = '1234'

SELECT * FROM CreditCardPayments WHERE TxnDate > '2020-01-01'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The Id of the credit card payment.
SyncToken String Version number of the object. It is used to lock an object for use by one app at a time. As soon as an application modifies an object, its SyncToken is incremented. Attempts to modify an object specifying an older SyncToken fails. Only the latest version of the object is maintained by QuickBooks Online.
MetaData_CreateTime Datetime Time the entity was created in the source domain.
MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime Time the entity was last updated in the source domain.
TxnDate Date The date entered by the user when this transaction occurred.
CurrencyRef String The currency entered by the user when this transaction occurred.
ExchangeRate Decimal The exchange rate when this transaction occurred.
CreditCardAccountRef String Identifies the credit card account to which funds are transfered.
BankAccountRef String Identifies the bank account from which funds are transfered.
Amount Decimal Indicates the total amount of the transaction.

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Build 23.0.8839