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カスタムOAuth アプリケーションの作成

Creating a Custom OAuth Application

CData embeds OAuth Application Credentials with CData branding that can be used when connecting to QuickBooks Online via a desktop application or a headless machine. If you want to use the embedded OAuth application, all you need to do to connect is to:

  • set AuthScheme to OAuth,
  • get and set the OAuthAccessToken, and
  • set the necessary configuration parameters.

(For information on getting and setting the OAuthAccessToken and other configuration parameters, see the Desktop Authentication section of "Connecting to QuickBooks Online".)

However, you must create a custom OAuth application to connect to QuickBooks Online via the Web. And since custom OAuth applications seamlessly support all three commonly-used auth flows, you might want to create custom OAuth applications (use your own OAuth Application Credentials) for those auth flows anyway.

Custom OAuth applications are useful if you want to:

  • control branding of the authentication dialog;
  • control the redirect URI that the application redirects the user to after the user authenticates; or
  • customize the permissions that you are requesting from the user.


This procedure registers a new application for authenticating via OAuth 2.0, and obtains the OAuth client credentials, the OAuthClientId, and OAuthClientSecret.

  1. Log into your Intuit developer account.
  2. From the Menu at the top, select Dashboard.
  3. Under the Apps tab, click Create an App.
  4. Specify QuickBooks Online and Payments as the platform you want to develop for.
  5. Provide a name for your new application.
  6. Select the scopes for the APIs to be accessed.

After the application is created successfully:

  1. Navigate to the Keys & OAuth tab. Under Development, locate the Client ID and Client Secret. Record these for later use.
  2. Edit the application's CallbackURL property to reflect your desired Redirect URI; for example, http://localhost:33333.
    Record the Redirect URI for later use.

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