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Create, update, delete, and query QuickBooks Accounts.

Table Specific Information


All filterable columns support the following operators:

  • =
  • !=
  • >=
  • <=
  • >
  • <
  • IN
  • LIKE

The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.


Name Type ReadOnly References Filterable Sortable Description
Id [KEY] String True true true

The Id of the account.

SyncToken String True false false

Version number of the object. It is used to lock an object for use by one app at a time. As soon as an application modifies an object, its SyncToken is incremented. Attempts to modify an object specifying an older SyncToken fails. Only the latest version of the object is maintained by QuickBooks Online.

MetaData_CreateTime Datetime True true true

The time the record was created.

MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime True true true

The time the record was last updated.

Name String False true true

The name of the account. To create an account, you must provide a unique account name. Default accounts are created for new companies.

SubAccount Boolean False true true

This value is true if the account is a subaccount, and false or null if it is a top-level account.

ParentRef String False


true true

The Id of the parent account.

ParentRef_Name String True


false false

The name of the parent account.

FullyQualifiedName String True false false

The fully qualified name of the account. The fully qualified name consists the topmost parent element followed by each subelement and separated by colons. For example: Parent:Account1:SubAccount1:SubAccount2.

Description String False true true

The description for the account. This may contain notes on the types of journal entries that should be posted to this account.

Active Boolean False true false

This field sets whether or not the account is active. Inactive accounts cannot be posted to and are excluded from search results, although references to them are preserved.

Classification String False true false

The account classification.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Asset, Equity, Expense, Liability, Revenue

AccountType String False true false

The account type or subclassification that determines how the account is used. This field is indexed by the account classification.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。Bank, Other Current Asset, Fixed Asset, Other Asset, Accounts Receivable, Equity, Expense, Other Expense, Cost of Goods Sold, Accounts Payable, Credit Card, Long Term Liability, Other Current Liability, Income, Other Income

AccountSubType String False false false

The account subtype. This field is indexed by the AccountType field.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。CashOnHand, Checking, MoneyMarket, RentsHeldInTrust, Savings, TrustAccounts, AllowanceForBadDebts, DevelopmentCosts, EmployeeCashAdvances, OtherCurrentAssets, Inventory, Investment_MortgageRealEstateLoans, Investment_Other, Investment_TaxExemptSecurities, Investment_USGovernmentObligations, LoansToOfficers, LoansToOthers, LoansToStockholders, PrepaidExpenses, Retainage, UndepositedFunds, AccumulatedDepletion, AccumulatedDepreciation, DepletableAssets, FurnitureAndFixtures, Land, NLeaseholdImprovements, OtherFixedAssets, AccumulatedAmortization, Buildings, IntangibleAssets, MachineryAndEquipment, Vehicles, LeaseBuyout, OtherLongTermAssets, SecurityDeposits, AccumulatedAmortizationOfOtherAssets, Goodwill, Licenses, OrganizationalCosts, AccountsReceivable, OpeningBalanceEquity, PartnersEquity, RetainedEarnings, AccumulatedAdjustment, OwnersEquity, PaidInCapitalOrSurplus, PreferredStock, CommonStock, TreasuryStock, AdvertisingPromotional, BadDebts, BankCharges, CharitableContributions, Entertainment, EntertainmentMeals, EquipmentRentalGlobalTaxExpenseInsurance, InterestPaid, LegalProfessionalFees, OfficeGeneralAdministrativeExpenses, OtherMiscellaneousServiceCost, PromotionalMeals, RentOrLeaseOfBuildings, RepairMaintenance, ShippingFreightDelivery, SuppliesMaterials, Travel, TravelMeals, Utilities, Auto, CostOfLabor, DuesSubscriptions, PayrollExpenses, TaxesPaid, Depreciation, ExchangeGainOrLoss, OtherMiscellaneousExpense, PenaltiesSettlements, Amortization, EquipmentRentalCos, OtherCostsOfServiceCos, ShippingFreightDeliveryCos, SuppliesMaterialsCogs, CostOfLaborCos, AccountsPayable, CreditCard, NotesPayable, OtherLongTermLiabilities, ShareholderNotesPayable, LineOfCredit, LoanPayable, GlobalTaxPayable, GlobalTaxSuspense, OtherCurrentLiabilities, PayrollClearing, PayrollTaxPayable, PrepaidExpensesPayable, RentsInTrustLiability, TrustAccountsLiabilities, FederalIncomeTaxPayable, InsurancePayable, SalesTaxPayable, StateLocalIncomeTaxPayable, NonProfitIncome, OtherPrimaryIncome, SalesOfProductIncome, ServiceFeeIncome, DiscountsRefundsGiven, DividendIncome, InterestEarned, OtherInvestmentIncome, OtherMiscellaneousIncome, TaxExemptInterest

AcctNum String False false false

A user-defined account number that identifies the account within the chart of accounts and notes the information that should be posted to the account.

CurrentBalance Decimal True true true

The current balance. This field is available for only balance sheet accounts.

CurrentBalanceWithSubAccounts Decimal True false false

The cumulative current balance amount for the account and all its subaccounts.

CurrencyRef String False false false

The Id of the currency used by the account.

CurrencyRef_Name String True false false

A name that identifies the currency used by the account.

TaxCodeRef String False


false false

The ID of the associated Tax Code. This ID can be used with the TaxCodes view to find more information about the associated tax. Only available in International versions of QuickBooks Online.

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