JDBC Driver for QuickBooks Online

Build 20.0.7654


Query QuickBooks Tax Rates.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The Id of the tax rate.
SyncToken String Version number of the object. It is used to lock an object for use by one app at a time. As soon as an application modifies an object, its SyncToken is incremented. Attempts to modify an object specifying an older SyncToken fails. Only the latest version of the object is maintained by QuickBooks Online.
MetaData_CreateTime Datetime The time the record was created.
MetaData_LastUpdatedTime Datetime The time the record was last updated.
Name String The name for the tax rate.
Description String A description for the sales tax rate. This field must not contain white space or formatting characters.
Active Boolean This field sets whether the tax rate is active. This value is false if inactive. Inactive sales tax codes may be hidden from display and are not used on financial transactions.
RateValue String The value of the tax rate.
AgencyRef String


The Id of the tax agency.
AgencyRef_Name String


The name of the tax agency.
TaxReturnLineRef String The Id of the tax return line.
TaxReturnLineRef_Name String The name of the tax return line.
SpecialTaxType String The special tax type to handle zero-rate taxes. VAT-registered businesses who receive goods, services, or acquisitions from other EU countries will need to calculate the VAT due, but not paid, on these acquisitions. The rate of VAT that is payable is the same that would have been paid if the goods had been supplied by a UK supplier.
DisplayType String The display type of the tax rate. This field is used to configure display settings.
EffectiveTaxRate Double The effective tax rate. This field is used to know which tax rate is applicable on any date.

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Build 20.0.7654