JDBC Driver for QuickBooks Online

Build 20.0.7654


ストアドプロシージャを使用することにより、データモデル で利用可能なデータを補完することができます。ビューのデータは、テーブルのような直接的な双方向更新ができないため、その場合はストアドプロシージャを使用して更新する必要があります。この場合、データは適切なビューまたはテーブルを使用して取得されますが、更新はストアドプロシージャを呼び出して実行されます。ストアドプロシージャは、パラメータのリストを受け取り、応答を構成するタプルのコレクションを含むデータセットを返します。

CData JDBC Driver for QuickBooks Online ストアドプロシージャ

Name Description
CreateAccountListReport Generates an Account list report schema file.
CreateAPAgingDetailReport Generates an A/P Aging Detail report schema file.
CreateAPAgingSummaryReport Generates an A/P Aging Summary report schema file.
CreateARAgingDetailReport Generates an A/R Aging Detail report schema file.
CreateARAgingSummaryReport Generates an A/R Aging Summary report schema file.
CreateBalanceSheetSummaryReport Generates a Balance Sheet Summary report schema file.
CreateCustomerBalanceDetailReport Generates a Customer Balance detail report schema file.
CreateCustomerBalanceReport Generates a Customer Balance report schema file.
CreateCustomerIncomeReport Generates a Customer Income report schema file.
CreateCustomerSalesReport Generates a Sales by Customer Summary report schema file.
CreateExpensesByVendorReport Generates an Expenses by Vendor report schema file.
CreateGeneralLedgerDetailReport Generates a General Ledger Detail report schema file.
CreateInventoryValuationSummaryReport Generates an Inventory Valuation Summary report schema file.
CreateJournalReport Generates a Journal report schema file.
CreateProfitAndLossDetailReport Generates a Profit and Loss Detail report schema file.
CreateProfitAndLossSummaryReport Generates a Profit and Loss Summary report schema file.
CreateSalesByClassReport Generates a Sales by Class report schema file.
CreateSalesByDepartmentReport Generates a Sales by Department report schema file.
CreateSalesByProductReport Generates a Sales by Product report schema file.
CreateStatementOfCashFlowReport Generates a Statement of Cash Flow report schema file.
CreateTransactionListReport Generates a Transaction List report schema file.
CreateTrialBalanceReport Generates a Trial Balance report schema file.
CreateVendorBalanceDetailReport Generates a Vendor Balance Detail report schema file.
CreateVendorBalanceReport Generates a Vendor Balance report schema file.
DisconnectOAuthAccessToken Disconnects the OAuth access token used for authentication with various QuickBooks services.
DownloadAttachment Download Attachment
DownloadPDF Download an Invoice, SalesReceipt or Estimate as a PDF
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets the OAuth access token and OAuth secret key from Intuit.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets the URL, AuthToken, and AuthKey from Intuit. Access the URL returned in the output in an Internet browser. This request returns a verifier token that you will need to use as input along with the AuthToken and AuthKey for GetOAuthAccessToken.
MigrateToken Utility to migrate existing OAuth Access Tokens from 1.0 to 2.0. The OAuthAccessToken and OAuthAccessTokenSecret in the connection properties must be set to the 2.0 values.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Refreshes the OAuth access token used for authentication with various QuickBooks services.
UploadAttachment Upload Attachment
VoidInvoice To void an existing invoice object

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Build 20.0.7654