JDBC Driver for Google Sheets

Build 22.0.8462


Determines how existing data is changed when new data is input.

Possible Values

Overwrite, InsertRows

Data Type


Default Value




The new data replaces the contents of the row after the last row in the table. Note that this could potentially overwrite data after the last row in the table, as the driver stops returning rows if it encounters a blank row.

See Tables for more information on how the driver discovers tables from the spreadsheet data.

InsertRowsThe driver will insert a new row at the line specified (or at the end of the table). This avoids overwriting data below the table by incrementing the Ids of all rows below by one. It also allows you to insert data between existing rows -- the following query inserts a new row 2. The existing row 2 becomes row 3, row 3 becomes row 4, and so on.
INSERT INTO Spreadsheet1_Sheet1(Id,Name, Amount) VALUES (2,'Test', 10)

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Build 22.0.8462