Power BI Connector for Google Sheets

Build 20.0.7654


The connector enables you to represent a top-left-oriented spreadsheet or a user-specified range as a database table. You can control how tables are listed by setting the Header property.

Top-Left Oriented Tables

You can use the connector to start working right away with top-left-oriented tables. The default configuration settings are explained below:
  • Top-left-oriented tables are represented with the name of the worksheet.
  • The default format requires that the table is top-left-oriented and that the first row of data in the worksheet contains the column names. This means that the default value of true for the Header connection string property is required.
  • Headers should not contain special characters.
  • By default the connector will return all rows until the first empty row. Note: an empty row between data will prevent further data from being returned.

Due to a limitation of Google's Spreadsheet API, all column headers must be non empty.

User-Specified Range

You can execute SQL commands against a given range as a table by using this format in your query: WORKSHEET#RANGE

Note: Range notation is only available in a SELECT or UPDATE statement. Ranges are not supported for DELETE and INSERT commands.

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Build 20.0.7654