ODBC Driver for LDAP

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This class is used for objects that contain organizational information about a user, such as the employee number, department, manager, title, office address, and so on.

Table Specific Information


All columns support server-side processing for the operators =, >= , <=, !=, LIKE, AND, and OR. Other filters are executed client side within the 本製品. For example, the following query is processed by LDAP:

SELECT * FROM OrganizationalPerson WHERE  CN != 'NewUser' AND  BaseDN = 'CN=Users,DC=MyDC' LIMIT 5 


To add a OrganizationalPerson, all fields can be specified except Id, DN, and BaseDN. Required fields that should be provided are RDN and ObjectClass. For example:

INSERT INTO OrganizationalPerson (RDN, ObjectClass) VALUES ('CN=NewUser', 'top;person;organizationalPerson;user;inetOrgPerson')


All columns except Id, DN, and BaseDN can be updated by providing the Id in the WHERE clause. For example:

UPDATE OrganizationalPerson SET Description = 'desc' WHERE Id = '1|CN=NewUser,CN=Users,DC=MyDC'


OrganizationalPersons can be deleted by providing the Id of the OrganizationalPerson in a DELETE statement. For example:

DELETE FROM OrganizationalPerson WHERE Id = '1|CN=NewUser,CN=Users,DC=MyDC'


Name Type ReadOnly References DataFormat Description
Id [KEY] String True

Combined index and DN. Multiple indices are only possible when a column is set to SplitDataByRow.

DN String True

The full distinguished name.

RDN String False

The relative distinguished name.

BaseDN String True

The base distinguished name.

ObjectClass String False DelimitedData

The list of classes from which this class is derived.

SN String False DelimitedData

This attribute contains the family or last name for a user.

CN String False DelimitedData

The name that represents an object. Used to perform searches.

UserPassword String False DelimitedData

The user's password in UTF-8 format. This is a write-only attribute.

TelephoneNumber String False DelimitedData

The primary telephone number.

SeeAlso String False DelimitedData

List of distinguished names that are related to an object.

Description String False DelimitedData

Contains the description to display for an object. This value is restricted as single-valued for backward compatibility in some cases but is allowed to be multi-valued in others. See Remarks.

Title String False DelimitedData

Contains the user's job title. This property is commonly used to indicate the formal job title, such as Senior Programmer, rather than occupational class, such as programmer. It is not typically used for suffix titles such as Esq. or DDS.

X121Address String False DelimitedData

The X.121 address for an object.

RegisteredAddress String False DelimitedData

Specifies a mnemonic for an address associated with an object at a particular city location. The mnemonic is registered in the country/region in which the city is located and is used in the provision of the Public Telegram Service.

DestinationIndicator String False DelimitedData

This is part of the X.500 specification and not used by NTDS.

PreferredDeliveryMethod String False DelimitedData

The X.500-preferred way to deliver to addressee.

TelexNumber String False DelimitedData

A list of alternate telex numbers.

TeletexTerminalIdentifier String False DelimitedData

Specifies the Teletex terminal identifier and, optionally, parameters, for a teletex terminal associated with an object.

InternationalISDNNumber String False DelimitedData

Specifies an International ISDN Number associated with an object.

FacsimileTelephoneNumber String False DelimitedData

Contains telephone number of the user's business fax machine.

Street String False DelimitedData

The street address.

PostOfficeBox String False DelimitedData

The post office box number for this object.

PostalCode String False DelimitedData

The postal or zip code for mail delivery.

PostalAddress String False DelimitedData

The mailing address for the object.

PhysicalDeliveryOfficeName String False DelimitedData

Contains the office location in the user's place of business.

OU String False DelimitedData

The name of the organizational unit.

ST String False DelimitedData

The name of a user's state or province.

L String False DelimitedData

Represents the name of a locality, such as a town or city.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
Filter String

Defines the LDAP filter explicitly, overriding any other values set in the WHERE clause.

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