ODBC Driver for LDAP

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Stores a list of user names. Used to apply security principals on resources.



すべてのカラムは、演算子=、>=、<=、!=、LIKE、AND、およびOR のサーバー側の処理をサポートします。その他のフィルタは本製品 内でクライアント側で実行されます。例えば、次のクエリはLDAP によって処理されます。

SELECT * FROM Group WHERE  GroupType != '-2147483644' AND  ObjectClass = 'top;group' LIMIT 5 


Group を追加するには、Id、DN、およびBaseDN 以外のすべてのフィールドを指定できます。必須のフィールドはRDN とObjectClass です。次に例を示します。

INSERT INTO Group (RDN, ObjectClass) VALUES ('CN=Domain Admins', 'group')


Id、DN、およびBaseDN 以外のすべてのカラムは、WHERE 句にId を指定することで更新できます。次に例を示します。

UPDATE Group SET Member = 'CN=SUPPORT_388945a0,CN=Users,DC=MyDC' WHERE Id = '1|CN=HelpServicesGroup,CN=Users,DC=MyDC'


DELETE ステートメントにGroup のId を指定することで、グループを削除できます。次に例を示します。

 DELETE FROM Group WHERE Id = '1|CN=HelpServicesGroup,CN=Users,DC=MyDC'


Name Type ReadOnly References DataFormat Description
Id [KEY] String True

Combined index and DN. Multiple indices are only possible when a column is set to SplitDataByRow.

DN String True

The full distinguished name.

RDN String False

The relative distinguished name.

BaseDN String True

The base distinguished name.

GroupType String False DelimitedData

Contains a set of flags that define the type and scope of a group object. For the possible values for this attribute, see Remarks.

ObjectClass String False SplitDataByRow

The list of classes from which this class is derived.

Member String False DelimitedData

The list of users that belong to the group.

NTGroupMembers String False DelimitedData

This attribute is not used.

OperatorCount String False DelimitedData

Operator count.

AdminCount String False DelimitedData

Indicates that a given object has had its ACLs changed to a more secure value by the system because it was a member of one of the administrative groups (directly or transitively).

GroupAttributes String False DelimitedData

The Group-Attributes attribute is not currently used.

GroupMembershipSAM String False DelimitedData

WindowsツNT Security. Down level WindowsツNT support.

ControlAccessRights String False DelimitedData

Used by DS Security to determine which users can perform specific operations on the host object.

DesktopProfile String False DelimitedData

The location of the desktop profile for a user or group of users. Not used.

NonSecurityMember String False DelimitedData

Nonsecurity members of a group. Used for Exchange distribution lists.

ManagedBy String False DelimitedData

The distinguished name of the user that is assigned to manage this object.

PrimaryGroupToken String False DelimitedData

A computed attribute that is used in retrieving the membership list of a group, such as Domain Users. The complete membership of such groups is not stored explicitly for scaling reasons.

Mail String False DelimitedData

The list of email addresses for a contact.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
Filter String

Defines the LDAP filter explicitly, overriding any other values set in the WHERE clause.

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