ODBC Driver for LDAP

Build 23.0.8790


Resets the password of a specific user specified by DN. Use ChangePassword instead if the current password is to be authenticated first. Note that the User set in the connection settings or the AdminUser, if set when calling this procedure, must be a valid DN. Additionally, you must be connected to the server using SSL.


Name Type Description
AdminUser String An administrator account or DN with which to bind to the server (for example, Domain\\BobF or cn=Bob F,ou=Employees,dc=Domain).
AdminPassword String An administrator account password used to authenticate to the LDAP server.
User String The DN of the account to be modified on the server (for example, Domain\\BobF or cn=Bob F,ou=Employees,dc=Domain).
NewPassword String The new password for the user specified by DN.
PasswordAttribute String The password attribute defined by your LDAP server. Active Directory uses unicodePwd but your server may require a different value such as userPassword


Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Indicates whether the attributes were modified successfully or not.

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Build 23.0.8790