Cmdlets for Apache HBase

Build 21.0.7930

Update-ApacheHBase Cmdlet

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Updates Apache HBase data.


Update-ApacheHBase [parameters]


The Update-ApacheHBase cmdlet allows you to use a syntax similar to SQL UPDATE statements to update Apache HBase data.

$conn = Connect-ApacheHBase -Server '' -Port 8080
Update-ApacheHBase -Connection $conn -Table "Account" -Columns @("Name") -Values @("Jon Doe") -Id "1"
The Where parameter can also be used to specify the primary key of the table:
Update-ApacheHBase -Connection $conn -Table "Account" -Columns @("Name") -Values @("Jon Doe") -Where "Id = '1'"
The primary key can also be passed to the cmdlet along the pipeline:
Select-ApacheHBase -Connection $conn -Table Account -Where "Industry = 'Floppy Disks'" | Update-ApacheHBase -Columns @("Industry") -Values @("Floppy Disks 2")

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Build 21.0.7930