ADO.NET Provider for Apache HBase

Build 21.0.7930

Using SSRS

You can use the CData ADO.NET Provider for Apache HBase to integrate real-time connectivity to Apache HBase into your SSRS reports. The provider supports SSRS versions 2005 and above.

Create and Publish Reports in the Report Designer

Complete the following steps to publish reports to servers running in native mode or in SharePoint mode, using the Report Designer tool in Visual Studio:

Deploy the Provider

Before a data source can be created, the provider must be deployed to SSRS. See Deploy the Provider for a guide.

Create a Data Source

Define shared or embedded data sources as outlined in Create a Data Source.

Create a Dataset

The Query Designer is used to define a query which will provide the dataset for the report. See Create a Dataset for details.

Design and Publish a Report

Publish a Report describes how to design a report using Tablix and publish it from Visual Studio.

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Build 21.0.7930