FireDAC Components for OData

Build 23.0.8839

Data Type Mapping

Data Type Mappings

The component maps types from the data source to the corresponding data type available in the schema. The table below documents these mappings.

OData V2 OData V3 OData V4 CData Schema
Edm.Binary Edm.Binary Edm.Binary binary
Edm.Boolean Edm.Boolean Edm.Boolean bool
Edm.DateTime Edm.DateTime Edm.DateTimeOffset datetime
Edm.Decimal Edm.Decimal Edm.Decimal decimal
Edm.Double Edm.Double Edm.Double double
Edm.Guid Edm.Guid Edm.Guid guid
Edm.Int16 Edm.Int16 Edm.Int16 int
Edm.Int32 Edm.Int32 Edm.Int32 int
Edm.Int64 Edm.Int64 Edm.Int64 bigint
Edm.String Edm.String Edm.String string
Edm.Time Edm.Time Edm.TimeOfDay time

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Build 23.0.8839