FireDAC Components for OData

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Set this to true if your OData service supports filters.


property SupportsFilter: Boolean;

Data Type


Default Value



This connection property is primarily used with limited OData APIs.

If your OData service supports the $filter query parameter, set this to true. When set to true, the component defers filter processing to the OData service, which has a performance benefit. If you set this property to true when your OData service does not support $filter, the component returns "not supported" errors for queries containing filters.

If your OData service does not support the $filter query parameter, set this to false. When set to false, the component retrieves all of requested data for a given query from the OData service before filtering it client-side. This is slower than deferring filters to the OData service, so only set this property to false if $filter is unsupported on your service.

For example, if $filter is not supported, the following criteria is handled by the driver:

SELECT       * 
FROM         Categories_Products
WHERE        (Categories_CategoryID = 1)

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Build 23.0.8839