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A boolean indicating navigation properties should be promoted to full views.


property NavigationPropertiesAsViews: Boolean;

Data Type


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This property can be useful for OData services that can return related collections of entities, or navigation properties. Some OData entities can only be accessed through navigation properties. NavigationPropertiesAsViews will cause all of the discovered navigation properties to be added as views in the format ParentTable_NavigationProperty.

Retrieving Data from Limited OData APIs

In most cases, NavigationPropertiesAsViews can be left on and the resulting views can be accessed with any SELECT query. However, some OData APIs have limitations that require you to specify the primary key of the parent record when querying a navigation property.

For example:

SELECT * FROM Categories_Products WHERE Categories_CategoryId='1'

You will also need to set SupportsExpand to false. You can find more information on this API limitation in the documentation for the property.

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Build 23.0.8839