FireDAC Components for OData

Build 23.0.8839


The scheme used for authentication. Accepted entries are NTLM, BASIC, DIGEST, NONE, NEGOTIATE, or SHAREPOINTONLINE.


property AuthScheme: String;

Data Type


Default Value



Together with Password and User, this field is used to authenticate against the OData server. NONE is the default option.

  • None: No authentication for this service.
  • AzureAD: Set this to perform Azure Active Directory OAuth authentication.
  • Basic: Set this to use HTTP Basic authentication.
  • Digest: Set this to use HTTP Digest authentication.
  • Negotiate: If AuthScheme is set to NEGOTIATE, the component will negotiate an authentication mechanism with the server. Set AuthScheme to NEGOTIATE if you want to use Kerberos authentication.
  • NTLM: Set this to use your Windows credentials for authentication.
  • OAuth: Set this to establish an OAuth connection.
  • SharePointOnline: Set this to use SharePoint Online authentication.

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Build 23.0.8839