Excel Add-In for OData

Build 20.0.7695


Creates an association between two entities based on a navigation property.


Name Type Description
FromId String The Id of the entity you are creating an associations for.
FromTable String The table where the entity comes from that you are creating an association for. For example, if the FromId was from a table called Customers, set this parameter to: Customers.
ToNavigationProperty String The navigation property you are creating an association on. It can be obtained from ListNavigationProperties.
ToId String The id of the navigation entity. This will come from the table associated with the navigation property.
UrlId String An alternative to specifying the ToId. This is the complete url to the resource to be associated. It is required to be specified in the case that the navigation property is an abstract, or to specify more specific child types where the navigation property entity type is used as a basetype.
HttpMethod String An override for the http method to use when creating the association in case the OData source being used does not follow the specifications.

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Build 20.0.7695