JDBC Driver for Facebook

Build 22.0.8462


Query attachments from a post or comment.

Table Specific Information

StoryAttachments in Facebook are attachments associated with a particular user or page story, like a page post or comment.


When querying StoryAttachments, the Target must be specified and set to that of a post or comment. For example, to retrieve all the attachments for a specific post, your SELECT statement could look something like this:

SELECT * FROM StoryAttachments WHERE Target = '15526475270_410830705612736'


Name Type Description
Target String The Id or username of the target you are retrieving the wall for.
Type String The type of post.
Link String The link attached to the post.
Name String The name of the link.
Caption String The caption of the link, which appears beneath the link name.
Description String A description of the link, appears beneath the link caption.
Source String A URL to a flash movie or video file embedded within the post.
ObjectId String The Facebook object Id for an uploaded photo or video.

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Build 22.0.8462