JDBC Driver for Facebook

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Query the Places based on the supplied Id. Places are stored as Pages in Facebook.

Table Specific Information

Places in Facebook are places that can charted on a map and visited. They will typically contain an address, coordinates, and basic information.


If you know the place Id, you may specify the Id to obtain information about the specific place. For example:

SELECT * FROM Places WHERE Id = '407032649344593'

If no Id is specified, no results will come back.


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] String The Id of the place.
Username String Username for the page of the place if any.
Name String The name of the place.
Category String The category of the place.
Categories String An aggregate of categories associated with the page if multiple categories are available.
Link String A link to the place.
LocationStreet String The street address of the place.
LocationCity String The the city for the place.
LocationState String The the state for the place.
LocationCountry String The the country for the place.
LocationZip String The the ZIP code of the place.
LocationLatitude String The latitude of the place.
LocationLongitude String The longitude of the place.
Phone String The phone number of the place, if available.
Picture String A link to the profile picture of the page for the place.
About String Basic information about the place.
Description String A description of the place, if available.
Website String A link to the website for the place.
Likes Integer Number of people who like the place.
Checkins Integer The total number of users who have checked in to the place.
TalkingAboutCount Integer The number of users talking about the place.
CanPost Boolean Boolean indicating if the authenticated user can post of the page for the place.
IsPublished Boolean A boolean indicating if the page for the place has been published.
IsCommunityPage Boolean Boolean indicating if this is a community Page.
PublicTransit String The public transit available for the place, if any.
ParkingStreet Boolean Boolean indicating if street parking is available.
ParkingLot Boolean Boolean indicating if a parking lot is available.
ParkingValet Boolean Boolean indicating if valet parking is available.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source. For more information, see the WHERE clause section.

Name Type Description
Distance String Optional input that can be specified if searching places. This is the maximum distance from the specified LocationLatitude and LocationLongitude in meters.
offset String Which result to begin returning results from. Used for manual paging of results.

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