JDBC Driver for Facebook

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Query the Events for a Target such as a page id.

Table Specific Information

Events in Facebook are events created by a user or page that mark a specific date when something will take place. Events may be queried by Target or Id.


When selecting events, a target may be specified. The target represents a page that has created events. By default, this will be the currently authenticated user or page. For example, to retrieve events associated with a page:

SELECT * FROM Events WHERE Target = 'PageId'

If you know the event Id, you may also just specify the Id to obtain information about the specific event. For example:

SELECT * FROM Events WHERE Id = 'EventId'


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] String The Id of the event.
Target String The Id or username of the target you are retrieving events for or are posting events to. This may be a page or a user.
Name String The name of the event.
StartTime Datetime The start time of the event.
EndTime Datetime The end time of the event.
Timezone String The time zone the event will take place in.
Description String The description of the event.
Picture String A URL to the picture of the event.
OwnerId String The Id of the user that created the event.
OwnerName String The name of the user that created the event.
OwnerPicture String Picture of the user who created the event.
OwnerCategory String Category of the owner, if available.
Location String The location of the event, if specified.
LocationId String The Id of the location for the event.
LocationStreet String The street address of the event.
LocationCity String The the city for the event.
LocationState String The the state for the event.
LocationCountry String The the country for the event.
LocationZip String The the ZIP code of the event.
LocationLatitude String The latitude of the event.
LocationLongitude String The longitude of the event.
TicketUri String A URL to a location to buy tickets for this event.
UpdatedTime Datetime When the event was last updated.
AttendingCount Integer Number of people attending the event.
DeclinedCount Integer Number of people who declined the event.
InterestedCount Integer Number of people interested in the event.
MaybeCount Integer Number of people who maybe going to the event.
NoreplyCount Integer Number of people who did not reply to the event.

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