JDBC Driver for Facebook

Build 22.0.8462


The driver models the data in Facebook into a list of tables that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

Generally, querying Facebook tables is the same as querying a table in a relational database. Sometimes there are special cases, for example, including a certain column in the WHERE clause might be required to get data for certain columns in the table. This is typically needed for situations where a separate request must be made for each row to get certain columns. These types of situations are clearly documented at the top of the table page linked below.

CData JDBC Driver for Facebook Tables

Name Description
Likes Create, delete, and query the Likes for a Target. Alternatively, lists Pages that the specified User or Page Likes. Authentication is required to use this table.
Posts Create, delete, and query the Posts for a Target based on either the Target or Id. Posts can also be inserted based on a Target, or deleted based on Id. This table requires authentication.

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Build 22.0.8462