ODBC Driver for Zoho Projects

Build 22.0.8389


Approve general/bug/task time log.

Procedure-Specific Information

An example query for executing this stored procedure is shown below:
EXEC ApproveTimelog PortalId = '12345317133', ProjectId = '123456000000031899', LogId = '123456000000031977', Approval = 'approve', Reason = 'Submitted timelog is approved', EntityType = 'general', EntityId = '1234560001'


Name Type Required Description
PortalId String True Specify the portal ID.
ProjectId String True Specify the group ID.
LogId String True Specify the log ID.
EntityType String False Specify the entity type to approve the log time.

The allowed values are task, bug, general.

EntityId String False ID of entity specified by parameter 'EntityType'
Approval String True The time log is approved if the given value is approve

The allowed values are approve, pending, reject.

Reason String False Reason should be mentioned if the time log is rejected. The reason shouldn't exceed 250 characters.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Specifies whether the execution was successful.

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Build 22.0.8389