JDBC Driver for Zoho Projects

Build 22.0.8389


Fetch the team details from the portal.


You can use the below query to get all Teams:


To create a new Team you can specify the following fields:

  • GroupName
  • EmailAlias
  • UserIdArr
  • ProjIds
  • TeamLead

INSERT INTO Teams (GroupName, UserIdArr, TeamLead, ProjIds)" +
VALUES ('TestTeam5', '["123456000000031003", "123456000000032055"]', '123456000000032055', '["123456000000031899"]


To update a Team specify the GroupId field.

SET TeamLead = '123456000000031003', 
	UserIdArr = '["123456000000031003", "123456000000032055"]',
	ProjIds = '["123456000000031899"]', 
	GroupName = 'TestTeam5' 
WHERE GroupId = '123456000000036001'


Teams can be deleted by providing the GroupId and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM Teams WHERE GroupId = '123456000000044025' 


Name Type ReadOnly Description
GroupId [KEY] String False

Group Id of the team.

GroupName String False

Group Name of the team.

CreatedBy String False

Team Created By.

CreatedTime String False

Created Time of the team.

Description String False

Description of the team.

EmailAlias String False

Email ID of the team.

EmailVerified Boolean False

Email Verified of the team.

OrgId String False

Organization Id of the team.

OwnerEmail String False

Owner Email of the team.

OwnerName String False

Owner Name of the team.

OwnerZpuid String False

Owner Zpuid of the team.

OwnerZuid String False

Owner Zuid of the team.

Prefix String False

Prefix of the team.

UpdatedBy String False

Updated By of the team.

UpdatedTime String False

Updated Time of the team.

HasGroupEdit Boolean False

Has Group Edit of the team.

ProjectCount Integer False

Project Count of the team.

UserCount Integer False

User Count of the team.

UserIdArr String False

Array of multiple Zpuid.

UserObj String False

User Object of the team.

ProjIds String False

Array of multiple project IDs.

TeamLead String False

ZPuid of the team lead.

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Build 22.0.8389