JDBC Driver for Zoho Projects

Build 22.0.8389


Get all the milestones assigned to a particular user in the given project.


This is a portal-level view.
  • ProjectId and Flag support the following operator: =.
  • ProjectId supports the operator: IN
  • CreatedDate and LastModifiedTime support: ORDER
For example, the following query is processed server side:
SELECT * FROM MyMilestones WHERE ProjectId IN ('12345000000030899', '12345000000033005') AND Flag = 'internal' ORDER BY CreatedDate


Name Type Description
ProjectId String Project Id.
Id [KEY] String Milestone Id.
Name String Milestone Name.
Closed Boolean Milestone Closed.
CreatedDate Date Milestone Created Date.
CreatedDateTime Datetime Milestone Created Date Time.
EndDate Date Milestone End Date.
EndDateTime Datetime Milestone End Date Time.
Flag String Milestone Flag.

The allowed values are internal, external.

IsWorkfieldRemoved Boolean Milestone Is Work Field Removed.
LastUpdatedDate Date Milestone Last Updated Date.
LastUpdatedDateTime Datetime Milestone Last Updated Date Time.
SelfUrl String Milestone Self Url.
StatusUrl String Milestone Status Url.
OwnerId String Milestone Owner Id.
OwnerName String Milestone Owner Name.
OwnerZpuid String Milestone Owner ZPUID.
ProjectName String Milestone Project Name.
Sequence Integer Milestone Sequence.
StartDate Date Milestone Start Date.
StartDateTime Datetime Milestone Start Date Time.
Status String Milestone Status.
StatusColorCode String Milestone Status Color Code.
StatusId String Milestone Status Id.
StatusName String Milestone Status Name.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
LastModifiedTime Datetime Milestone Last Modified Time.

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Build 22.0.8389