JDBC Driver for SAP Ariba Procurement

Build 23.0.8839


Request a list of all supported document types or a list of all filter and selection fields, either for a single document type or for all document types, that can be used to create custom view templates.

View-Specific Information


The driver uses the SAP Ariba API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.

  • ViewTemplateName supports the '=' comparison operator.
  • DocumentType supports the '=' comparison operator.
For example, the following queries are processed server side:
SELECT * FROM ViewFields WHERE ViewTemplateName='Contract_SAP_createdRange_v1'
SELECT * FROM ViewFields WHERE DocumentType='DirectOrder'


Name Type References Description
ViewTemplateName String Supported document type.
DocumentType String Supported document type.
Name String The name of the field.
FieldName String The field's formatted name.
Description String The field's description.
Type String The type of the field.
Size Int The maximum length in characters if this is a string field.
AllowedValues String Permissible values if this field accepts only specific values.
IsCustomField Bool Whether this field is a custom field.
Precision String The field's precision.
Scale String The field's scale.
Source String The field's JSON repeat path source.

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Build 23.0.8839