JDBC Driver for SAP Ariba Procurement

Build 23.0.8839


A 'system vsap' view template that queries 'Receipt' transaction data.

View-Specific Information


The driver uses the SAP Ariba API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The driver processes other filters client-side within the driver.

  • IncludeInactive supports the '=' comparison operator.
  • updatedDateFrom supports the '=' comparison operator.
  • updatedDateTo supports the '=' comparison operator.
For example, the following queries are processed server side:
SELECT * FROM ReceiptSAPupdatedRange WHERE updatedDateFrom='2024-01-01 00:00:00.0' AND updatedDateTo='2024-02-01 00:00:00.0'
SELECT * FROM ReceiptSAPupdatedRange WHERE IncludeInactive='True' 


Name Type References Description
ApprovedState String An integer value that represents the current approval state of a receipt. This field is used for internal purpose only.
ReceiptItems String
ProcessedState String The post-approval processing state of a receipt. The post-approval processing states can be one of the following for receipts imported from external systems: 0 - Unprocessed, 1 – Awaiting Processing, 2 – Processing, 3 – Failed Processing, or 4 - Processed. Note: Receipts created in the buying solution move to the Processed state after they are fully approved.
MasterAgreement_UniqueName String
InitialUniqueName String The ID of the receipt when it was first created. This field is used for internal purpose only.
SubmitDate Datetime The date when a receipt was successfully submitted for approval.
HoldTillDate Datetime The date until which post-approval processing of the associated requisition was withheld.
CreateDate Datetime The date when a receipt was created.
Attachments String
IsReceiptPushFailed Bool Indicates whether a receipt failed to be pushed to the external ERP system.
Name String The title of the receipt.
IsInTransitionToManual Bool Indicates the transition stage of a receipt in which line items configured for auto-receiving transition from automatic receiving to the manual receiving state. This field is set to true when a user creates manual receipts for line items that are configured for automatic receiving.
LastModified Datetime The date when a receipt was last modified. Actions that lead to updates to the history record or the comments section of a receipt trigger changes to the last modified date.
TimeCreated Datetime The time when a receipt was created.
GoodsReturnTrackingNumber String The goods return tracking number to identify items returned to suppliers.
Requester_UniqueName String The user on behalf of whom a requisition is created. Typically, the preparer and requester of a requisition are the same user. If a preparer creates a requisition for someone else, the requester is the user for whom the requisition is created.
CloseOrder Bool Indicates whether the buying solution automatically closes an order for further receiving after the associated receipts are fully approved.
ERPReceiptNumber String The ID assigned to a receipt imported from the external ERP system.
DueDate Datetime The due date for creation of an automatic receipt.
Order_UniqueName String
StatusString String The approval state of a receipt. Example: Composing, Submitted, or Approved.
ChangedBy_UniqueName String
ApprovedDate Datetime The date when the status of a receipt changed to Approved.
PreviousApprovalRequestsVersion Int The version number for the previous version of the approval request. This field is used for internal purpose only.
RecentReceiveDate Datetime The most recent date when a receipt transaction was performed for a line item.
PreviousVersion String
ResubmitDate Datetime The date when a receipt was resubmitted for approval. A receipt is considered as resubmitted when a user edits a denied receipt and resubmits it for approval. Note: Receipts that are withdrawn by the preparer and submitted again are not considered as resubmitted receipts.
ApprovalRequestsVersion Int The version of an approval request when it was generated. This field is used for internal purpose only.
TimeUpdated Datetime The time when a receipt was last updated.
VersionNumber Int Indicates whether the changes for the receipt version are internal to the buying solution.
ApprovalRequests String
Active Bool Indicates whether a receipt is currently in use in the buying solution. This field can contain the values as True or False. False indicates inactive receipts. Inactive receipts are considered as those that are deleted and do not appear in search results and receipt choosers.
IsImported Bool Indicates whether a receipt is imported from an external system
Type String The internal name for the approvable document. For example, the internal name for receipt is ariba.receiving.core.Receipt.
ANSentState String The state of transmission of a receipt to Ariba Network. This field can contain one of the following values: Sent (2), Sending (4), or Failed (8).
ProcurementUnit_UniqueName String
NextVersion String
IsUnitPriceChanged Bool Indicates whether the unit price of a line item on a receipt was edited.
UniqueName String The unique ID of a receipt. Example: RC678.
Preparer_UniqueName String The user who creates a requisition and submits it for approval.
IncludeInactive Bool By default, API responses do not include inactive transactions. You can set this query parameter to true to include inactive transactions in the responses.
updatedDateFrom Datetime This filter corresponds to the 'TimeUpdated' field. The operation is '>' and the default value is '2018-03-01T23:59:59Z'.
updatedDateTo Datetime This filter corresponds to the 'TimeUpdated' field. The operation is '<=' and the default value is '2018-03-29T23:59:59Z'.

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Build 23.0.8839