JDBC Driver for Sybase

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CData JDBC Driver for Sybase


The CData JDBC Driver for Sybase offers the most natural way to connect to Sybase data from Java-based applications and developer technologies. The driver wraps the complexity of accessing Sybase data in an easy-to-integrate, 100%-Java JDBC driver. The driver hides the complexity of accessing data and provides additional powerful security features, batching, socket management, and more.

Key Features

  • Write SQL to retrieve and update Sybase data.
  • Compliant with JDBC 3.0 and JDBC 4.0.
  • Codeless integration with popular BI, reporting, and ETL tools.

Getting Started

See Getting Started for A-Z guides on authenticating and connecting to Sybase data. See the Sybase integration guides for information on connecting from other applications.

NOTE: The license file, cdata.jdbc.sybase.lic, must be in the same location as the JAR file, cdata.jdbc.sybase.jar. See the readme file for more information.

Using the JDBC Driver/Using from Tools

See Using JDBC for examples of using standard JDBC classes like DataSource, Connection, Statement, ResultSet, and others, to work with Sybase data.

Using from Tools walks through the steps of integration with JDBC tools, using several popular database tools as examples.

Schema Discovery

See Schema Discovery to access schema information through the standard JDBC interfaces.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features details additional features supported by the driver, such as , ssl configuration, firewall/proxy settings, and advanced logging.

Connection String Options

The Connection properties describe the various options that can be used to establish a connection.

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Build 23.0.8839