TDV Adapter for Sybase

Build 21.0.8137

Basic Tab

Connecting to Sybase

To connect to the Sybase, specify the following connection properties:

  • Server: Set this to the name or network address of the Sybase database instance.
  • Database: Set this to the name of the Sybase database running on the specified Server.

Optionally, you can also secure your connections with TLS/SSL by setting UseSSL to true.

Authenticating to Sybase

Sybase supports several methods for authentication including basic, Kerberos, and, LDAP.

Connect Using Basic Authentication

Set the AuthScheme to Basic and set the following connection properties to use Sybase authentication.

  • User: Set this to the username of the authenticating Sybase user.
  • Password: Set this to the username of the authenticating Sybase user.

Connect using LDAP Authentication

To connect with LDAP authentication, you will need to configure Sybase server-side to use the LDAP authentication mechanism.

After configuring Sybase for LDAP, you can connect using the same credentials as basic authentication.

Connect Using Kerberos Authentication

To leverage Kerberos authentication, begin by enabling it via the following connection property:

  • AuthScheme: Set to Kerberos will be used for authentication to Sybase.
See Using Kerberos information regarding the connection properties that need to be set for Kerberos authentication.

You can find an example connection string below:


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