JDBC Driver for Snowflake

Build 21.0.8017

Creating a Custom OAuth App

If you do not have access to the user name and password or do not wish to require them, you can use OAuth authentication. Snowflake uses the OAuth, which requires the authenticating user to interact with Snowflake via the browser. The driver facilitates the OAuth exchange in various ways, as described in this section.

Create an OAuth Integration

To register your client, create an integration. An integration is a Snowflake object that provides an interface between Snowflake and third-party services, such as a client that supports OAuth.

Note: Only account administrators (users with the ACCOUNTADMIN role) or a role with the global CREATE INTEGRATION privilege can execute this SQL command

Create an integration using the CREATE SECURITY INTEGRATION command. There is an example command:

create security integration MYINT
  type = oauth
  enabled = true
  oauth_client = custom
  oauth_client_type = 'CONFIDENTIAL'
  oauth_redirect_uri = 'http://localhost.com'
  oauth_issue_refresh_tokens = true
  oauth_refresh_token_validity = 86400
  blocked_roles_list = ('SYSADMIN')
  oauth_client_rsa_public_key ='

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