FireDAC Components for Snowflake

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Using the FireDAC Components

This section goes into more detail on using the CData FireDAC Components for Snowflake alongside other FireDAC components.

Defining a Connection

There are a wide variety of methods for establishing a connection with the components. Connection Definitions details several of these methods, such as using TFDManager and TFDConnection objects, as well as explicitly defined connection definition files.

Writing Data Access Code for Snowflake in FireDAC

The following sections show how to access any of the capabilities of the CData FireDAC Components for Snowflake in RAD Studio.

Querying Data

Use the TFDQuery class for Querying Data. This section outlines how to use TFDQuery from the Design Editor as well as directly from code.

Manipulating Data

The TFDQuery class can also be used for Manipulating Data. Data manipulation queries can be easily executed using TFDQuery's ExecSQL method.

Batch Processing

Yield substantial performance improvements using Batch Processing. The component's supported bulk operations allow you to execute many queries at once instead of performing them in sequence.

Prepared Statements

Prepared Statements allow you to prepare queries without the need for recompiling identical queries each time.

Executing Stored Procedures

Executing Stored Procedures describes how to use the TFDStoredProc or TFDQuery objects to prepare and execute supported stored procedures.

Schema Discovery

Metadata can be surfaced from Snowflake using the TFDConnection and TFDMetaInfoQuery classes. Schema Discovery details the process for listing tables/views, their columns, and their primary keys.

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Build 21.0.7958