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Returns the available shipping service offerings.


Name Type References Description
ServiceId [KEY] String An identifier for the shipping service.
IsEligible Boolean A boolean value that indicates whether the shipping service offering is eligible.
RequestToken String A unique token generated to identify a getRates operation.
AvailableValueAddedServiceGroups String A JSON format of value-added services available for a shipping service offering.
BilledWeightUnit String The weight unit.
BilledWeightValue Decimal The weight value.
CarrierId String The carrier identifier for the offering, provided by the carrier.
CarrierName String The carrier name for the offering.
DeliveryWindowStartTime Datetime The promised start time of delivery.
DeliveryWindowEndTime Datetime The promised end time of delivery.
PickupWindowStartTime Datetime The promised start time of pickup.
PickupWindowEndTime Datetime The promised end time of pickup.
RequiresAdditionalInputs Boolean When true, indicates that additional inputs are required to purchase this shipment service.
RateId String An identifier for the rate (shipment offering) provided by a shipping service provider.
ServiceName String The name of the shipping service.
SupportedDocumentSpecifications String A JSON format of the document specifications supported for a shipment service offering.
TotalChargeUnit String The currency code of the total charge.
TotalChargeValue Decimal The monetary value of the total charge.
IneligibilityReasons String A JSON aggregate of reasons why a shipping service offering is ineligible.
ShipTo String Required. The ship to address.
ShipFrom String The ship from address.
ReturnTo String The return to address.
ShipDate Datetime The ship date and time (the requested pickup). This defaults to the current date and time.
Packages String A list of packages to be shipped through a shipping service offering.
ValueAddedServicesValue Decimal A collection's monetary value of supported value-added services.
ValueAddedServicesUnit String A collection's currency code of supported value-added services.
TaxDetailsType String Indicates the type of tax.
TaxDetailsRegistrationNumber String The shipper's tax registration number associated with the shipment for customs compliance purposes in certain regions.
ChannelType String The shipment source channel type.

The allowed values are AMAZON, EXTERNAL.

The default value is AMAZON.

AmazonOrderDetails String The Amazon order ID associated with the Amazon order fulfilled by this shipment.. This is required if the shipment source channel is Amazon.
AmazonShipmentDetails String The encrypted shipment ID. This attribute is required only for a Direct Fulfillment shipment.
ShippingBusinessId String Amazon shipping business to assume for this request. The default is AmazonShipping_UK. Refer X-amzn-shipping-business-id for other marketplaces.

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Build 23.0.8839