SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

Build 23.0.8839


An array of items that Amazon accepted for return. Returns empty if no items were accepted for return.


Name Type References Description
SellerFulfillmentOrderId [KEY] String The fulfillment order identifier.
SellerReturnItemId String An identifier assigned by the seller to the return item.
RmaPageURL String A URL for a web page that contains the return authorization barcode and the mailing label. This does not include pre-paid shipping.
ReturnAuthorizationId String An identifier for the return authorization. This identifier associates return items with the return authorization used to return them.
SellerFulfillmentOrderItemId String The identifier assigned to the item by the seller when the fulfillment order was created.
AmazonReturnReasonCode String The return reason code that the Amazon fulfillment center assigned to the return item.
AmazonShipmentId String The identifier for the shipment that is associated with the return item.
ReturnComment String An optional comment about the return item.
Status String Indicates if the return item has been processed by an Amazon fulfillment center.
StatusChangedDate Datetime Indicates when the status last changed.
AmazonRmaId String The return merchandise authorization (RMA) that Amazon needs to process the return.
FulfillmentCenterId String An identifier for the Amazon fulfillment center that the return items should be sent to.
ReturnToAddressAddressLine1 String The first line of the address.
ReturnToAddressAddressLine2 String Additional address information.
ReturnToAddressAddressLine3 String Additional address information.
ReturnToAddressCity String The city where the person, business, or institution is located. This property is required in all countries except Japan. It should not be used in Japan.
ReturnToAddressCountryCode String The two digit country code. In ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.
ReturnToAddressDistrictOrCounty String The district or county where the person, business, or institution is located.
ReturnToAddressName String The name of the person, business or institution at the address.
ReturnToAddressPostalCode String The postal code of the address.
ReturnToAddressStateOrRegion String The state or region where the person, business or institution is located.

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Build 23.0.8839