SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

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Name Type References Description
SellerSKU [KEY] String Identifies an item in the given marketplace.
MarketplaceId String A marketplace identifier. Specifies the marketplace for which prices are returned.
ItemCondition String The condition of the lowest priced product listed.

The allowed values are New, Used, Collectible, Refurbished, Club.

OffersListingPriceAmount Decimal The listing price amount of the offered price.
OffersListingPriceCurrencyCode String The listing price currency code of the offered price.
OffersShippingAmount Decimal The shipping amount of the offered price.
OffersShippingCurrencyCode String The shipping currency code of the offered price.
FeedbackCount Integer The feedback count.
SellerPositiveFeedbackRating Double The positive feedback rating of the seller.
SellerId String The seller Id.
ShippingTimeAvailabilityType String The shipping time availability type.
ShippingTimeMaximumHours Integer The maximum hours of shipping time.
ShippingTimeMinimumHours Integer The minimum hours of shipping time.
ShippingTimeAvailableDate String The date when the item will be available for shipping. Only displayed for items that are not currently available for shipping.
QuantityDiscountPrices String Contains pricing information that includes special pricing when buying in bulk.
PointsNumber Integer The number of points.
PointsMonetaryValueCurrencyCode String The currency code in ISO 4217 format.
PointsMonetaryValueAmount String The monetary value.
IsBuyBoxWinner Boolean When true, the offer is currently in the Buy Box. There can be up to two Buy Box winners at any time per ASIN, one that is eligible for Prime and one that is not eligible for Prime.
IsPrime Boolean Indicates whether the offer is an Amazon Prime offer.
IsNationalPrime Boolean Indicates whether the offer is an Amazon Prime offer throughout the entire marketplace where it is listed.
ShipsFromCountry String The country from where the product is shipped.
ShipsFromState String The state from where the product is shipped.
IsFeaturedMerchant Boolean The boolean value of the merchant being featured.
IsFulfilledByAmazon Boolean The boolean value of the merchant being fulfilled by Amazon.
CustomerType String Indicates whether to request pricing information from the point of view of consumer or business buyers. Default is Consumer.

The allowed values are Consumer, Business.

MyOffer Boolean When true, this is the seller's offer.
OfferType String Indicates the type of customer that the offer is valid for.
SubCondition String The subcondition of the item. Subcondition values: New, Mint, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Poor, Club, OEM, Warranty, Refurbished Warranty, Refurbished, Open Box, or Other.
ConditionNotes String Information about the condition of the item.

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