SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

Build 23.0.8839


Returns a list of items in a specified inbound shipment.


Name Type References Description
MarketplaceId [KEY] String Required. A marketplace identifier. Specifies the marketplace the shipment is tied to.
ShipmentId [KEY] String Requried. A shipment identifier originally returned by the createInboundShipmentPlan operation.
ShipmentContainsPreorderableItems Boolean Indicates whether the shipment contains items that have been enabled for pre-order. For more information about enabling items for pre-order, see the Seller Central Help.
ShipmentConfirmedForPreorder Boolean Indicates whether this shipment has been confirmed for pre-order.
NeedByDate Date Date that the shipment would need to arrive at an Amazon fulfillment center to avoid delivery promise breaks for pre-ordered items if this shipment is later confirmed for pre-order. In YYYY-MM-DD format.
ConfirmedFulfillableDate Date Date in YYYY-MM-DD format that determines which pre-order items in the shipment are eligible for pre-order. If this shipment is confirmed for pre-order with a subsequent call to the confirmPreorder operation, the pre-order Buy Box will appear for any pre-order items in the shipment with a release date on or after this date.

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Build 23.0.8839