SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

Build 23.0.8839


Returns information about all destinations.


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
DestinationId [KEY] String False

The destination identifier generated when you created the destination.

Name String False

The developer-defined name for this destination.

ResourceSqsArn String False

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) associated with the SQS queue (Amazon Simple Queue Service queue destination).

ResourceEventBridgeName String False

The name of the partner event source associated with the destination (Amazon EventBridge destination).

ResourceEventBridgeRegion String False

The AWS region in which you will be receiving the notifications (Amazon EventBridge destination).

ResourceEventBridgeAccountId String False

The identifier for the AWS account that is responsible for charges related to receiving notifications (Amazon EventBridge destination).

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Build 23.0.8839