SSIS Components for Amazon Marketplace

Build 23.0.8839


Returns competitive pricing information for a seller's offer listings based on seller SKU or ASIN.


Name Type References Description
ASIN [KEY] String The value of Amazon Standard Identification Number for the product.
SellerSKU String Stock Keeping Unit that identifies a product in the Amazon catalog.
MarketplaceId String A marketplace identifier. Specifies the marketplace for which prices are returned.
CompetitivePriceId String The competitive price Id of the product.
LandedPriceAmount Decimal The landed price amount of the price.
LandedPriceCurrencyCode String The landed price currency code of the price.
ListingPriceAmount Decimal The listing price amount of the price.
ListingPriceCurrencyCode String The listing price currency code of the price.
PointsNumber Integer The points number of the price.
PointsMonetaryValueAmount Decimal The points monetary value amount of the price.
PointsMonetaryValueCurrencyCode String The points monetary value currency code of the price.
ShippingAmount Decimal The shipping amount of the buyying price.
ShippingCurrencyCode String The shipping currency code of the buyying price.
TradeInValueAmount Decimal The trade-in value amount of the buyying price.
TradeInValueCurrencyCode String The trade-in value currency code of the buyying price.
ProductCategoryId String The product category Id.
Rank Integer The value of the sales rankings.
BelongsToRequester Boolean The boolean value if the product belongs to the requester.
Condition String The condition of the product.
Status String The status of the product.
ItemType String Required. Indicates whether ASIN values or seller SKU values are used to identify items.

The allowed values are Asin, Sku.

CustomerType String Indicates whether to request pricing information from the point of view of consumer or business buyers. Default is Consumer.

The allowed values are Consumer, Business.

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Build 23.0.8839