SSIS Components for Yahoo Shopping

Build 20.0.7656


It provides the function of dividing one order into two orders.


Name Type Required Description
OrderId String True Order ID.
SellerId String False Store account.
OperationUser String True Name of updater (Business ID registered name).
Order1LineId# Integer True Order1 Product line IDs (as many LineIds as you will keep in the first order).
Order1Quantity# Integer True Order1 Quantities (Corresponding quantities for the LineIds).
Order1PayCharge Integer True Order1 Fee.
Order1ShipCharge Integer True Order1 Shipping cost.
Order1GiftWrapCharge Integer True Order1 Gift wrapping fee.
Order1Discount Integer True Order1 Discount.
Order1UsePoint Integer True Order1 Usage points.
Order2LineId# Integer True Order2 Product line IDs (as many LineIds as you will keep in the second order).
Order2Quantity# Integer True Order2 Quantities (Corresponding quantities for the LineIds).
Order2PayCharge Integer True Order2 Fee.
Order2ShipCharge Integer True Order2 Shipping cost.
Order2GiftWrapCharge Integer True Order2 Gift wrapping fee.
Order2Discount Integer True Order2 Discount.
Order2UsePoint Integer True Order2 Usage points.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Status String Stored procedure execution status.
Order1Id String First Order Id.
Order2Id String Second Order Id.

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Build 20.0.7656