SSIS Components for Yahoo Shopping

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Shipment status update function for managing order delivery status.


Name Type Required Description
OrderId String True Order ID.
SellerId String False Store account.
IsPointFix Boolean True Point determination necessity. When changing the order status to 'Complete', please be sure to set the point determination necessity to true. true: Points are finalized, false: The point is not fixed.
OperationUser String False Name of updater (Business ID registered name).
ShipStatus Integer True Delivery status - 0: Can not be shipped, 1: Can be shipped, 2: Shipment in process, 3: Shipment complete, 4: Receipt complete

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4

ShipMethod String False Delivery method: any one of postage 1 - 14, 16 (postage 15 is missing number) Store creator Pro order of delivery setting.
ShipNotes String False Delivery memo.
ShipCompanyCode String False Delivery company code - 1000: Other, 1001: Yamato Transport, 1002: Sagawa Express, etc.
ShipInvoiceNumber1 String False Shipping slip number 1.
ShipInvoiceNumber2 String False Delivery order number 2.
ShipInvoiceNumberEmptyReason String False No slip number - No. Reason NULL: (Unregistered state) 101: For direct sending items from manufacturer's inventory, 102: For goods for which shipping is unnecessary, 103: For store receipt items, 104: For direct contact from a delivery company, 105: The slip number is not issued (it can not be tracked) Because of the delivery method.
ShipUrl String False Shipping company URL. Maximum 100 single-byte characters.
ShipDate Date False Shipment date.
ArrivalDate Date False Date of arrival.
ShipInstructStatus Integer False Shipping instruction status. 100: Shipping instruction not yet accepted, 101: Waiting for shipping instruction, 102: Cancelled shipping, 103: Shipping instruction completed. 104: Shipping completed, 105: Delivery completed, 106: Undeliverable.
CollectionDate Date False The date when Yamato Transport collected the cargo.
CashOnDeliveryTax Integer False The tax amount for the delivery payments.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Status String Stored procedure execution status.

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Build 20.0.7656