TDV Adapter for Google Spanner

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Creating a Custom OAuth App

Registering Your Application

The OAuth user consent flow involves the authenticating user interacting with Google using the browser. To facilitate this, the adapter is already registered as an OAuth application, but you may need to configure values specific to your application or organization. You may also want to display your own information instead of the CData app's when users log in to grant permissions.

  1. Log into the Google API Console.
  2. Click Create Project or select an existing project.
  3. Open the API Manager from the main menu and click Credentials -> Create Credentials -> OAuth Client Id.
  4. If you are connecting from a desktop application, select Other.

    If you are connecting from a Web application, select Web Application. In the Authorized Redirect URIs box, enter the URL you want to be used as a trusted redirect URL, where the user will return with the token that verifies that they have granted your app access.

  5. Click Create. The OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret are displayed.
  6. Click Library -> Spanner API -> Enable API.

When to Create a Custom OAuth App

You might want to create a custom OAuth app to change the information displayed when users log into the Google Spanner OAuth endpoint to grant permissions to the adapter.

Follow the steps below to create a custom OAuth app and obtain the connection properties in a specific OAuth authentication flow.

Create a Custom OAuth App: Desktop

Register your Google Spanner app on to obtain the following connection properties:

  • OAuthClientId
  • OAuthClientSecret

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