ODBC Driver for Dropbox

Build 23.0.8791


Retrieves team information.

Table Specific Information

The following scopes are required to access this view: team_info.read


Name Type Description
Id String The ID of the team.
Name String The name of the team.
NumLicensedUsers Integer The number of licenses available to the team.
NumProvisionedUsers Integer The number of accounts that have been invited or are already active members of the team.
EmmState String This describes the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) state for this team.
OfficeAddin String The admin policy around the Dropbox Office Add-In for this team.
SharedFolderMemberPolicy String Who can join folders shared by team members.
SharedFolderJoinPolicy String Which shared folders team members can join.
SharedLinkCreatePolicy String Who can view shared links owned by team members.

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Build 23.0.8791