ODBC Driver for Dropbox

Build 23.0.8791


Retrieves team members information.

Table Specific Information

The following scopes are required to access this view: members.read


Name Type Description
Id String ID of user as a member of a team.
Email String Email address of user.
EmailVerified Boolean Is true if the user's email is verified to be owned by the user.
Status String The user's status as a member of a specific team.
GivenName String Also known as a first name.
Surname String Also known as a last name or family name.
FamiliarName String Locale-dependent name. In the US, a person's familiar name is their given_name, but elsewhere, it could be any combination of a person's given_name and surname.
DisplayName String A name that can be used directly to represent the name of a user's Dropbox account.
AbbreviatedName String An abbreviated form of the person's name. Their initials in most locales.
MembershipType String The user's membership type.
MemberFolderId String The namespace id of the user's root folder.
ExternalId String External ID that a team can attach to the user. An application using the API may find it easier to use their own IDs instead of Dropbox IDs like account_id or team_member_id.
AccountId String A user's account identifier.
JoinedOn Timestamp The date and time the user joined as a member of a specific team.
ProfilePhotoURL String URL for the photo representing the user, if one is set.
Role String The user's role in the team.

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Build 23.0.8791