ODBC Driver for Dropbox

Build 23.0.8791


Copy a file or folder to a different location in the user's Dropbox. If the source path is a folder, all its contents will be copied.


Name Type Required Description
From_Path String False Path in the user's Dropbox to be copied or moved.
To_Path String False Destination path in the user's Dropbox for the copied resource.
Autorename Boolean False If there's a conflict, have the Dropbox server try to auto rename the file to avoid the conflict. The default for this field is False.
Allow_Ownership_Transfer Boolean False Allow moves by owner even if it would result in an ownership transfer for the content being moved. This does not apply to copies. The default for this field is False.
ObjectPathsAggregate String False An aggregate representing the object path. Can also be the name of a #TEMP table.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String The status of the operation.

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Build 23.0.8791