TDV Adapter for Dropbox

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Creating a Custom OAuth App

When to Create a Custom OAuth App

You might want to create a custom OAuth app to change the information displayed when users log into the Dropbox OAuth endpoint to grant permissions to the adapter.

You can establish a connection using the embedded credentials of the default CData OAuth app. This app will allow the user to access data under the following scopes:

Create a Custom OAuth App: Desktop

  1. Log in to your Dropbox developers dashboard and click Create New App. Select the Dropbox API type. Select the Full Dropbox access for your app.
  2. After creating your app, you can view Configuration from the main menu that displays your app settings.
  3. Set the Redirect URI to http://localhost:33333 or a different port number of your choice. When you connect you will need to set the CallbackURL connection property to this exact URL.

    The OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret are also displayed in the same page.

Enabling Additional Scopes

There are some views (DeletedResources, Events, Teams, TeamMembers) and stored procedures (DeletePermanently) that require certain scopes that are not present in the default CData embedded credentials. To access these, you will need to create your own custom app and grant the following permissions:

  • files.permanent_delete
  • team_data.member

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Build 21.0.8137