TDV Adapter for Dropbox

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Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are available to complement the data available from the Data Model. It may be necessary to update data available from a view using a stored procedure because the data does not provide for direct, table-like, two-way updates. In these situations, the retrieval of the data is done using the appropriate view or table, while the update is done by calling a stored procedure. Stored procedures take a list of parameters and return back a dataset that contains the collection of tuples that constitute the response.

Dropbox Adapter Stored Procedures

Name Description
CheckJobStatus Check the status of an asynchronous job. Requires the sharing.write scope.
DeletePermanently Delete a folder or file permanently. Requires the files.permanent_delete scope.
DownloadFile Downloads a File. Requires the scope.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets an authentication token from Dropbox.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets the authorization URL that must be opened separately by the user to grant access to your application. Only needed when developing Web apps. You will request the OAuthAccessToken from this URL.
GetSpaceUsage Check the memory space management of your Dropbox account. Requires the scope.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Obtains an updated OAuthAccessToken if passed a token to refresh.
ShareFolder Shares a folder. Requires the sharing.write scope.
UnshareFolder Unshares a folder. Requires the sharing.write scope.
UploadFile Uploads a File. Requires the scope.

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Build 21.0.8137