MuleSoft Connector for AWS Data Management

Build 20.0.7654

Auth Scheme

The scheme used for authentication. Accepted entries are: Auto, , AwsRootKeys , AwsIAMRoles , AwsCredentialsFile.

Data Type


Default Value



Use the following options to select your authentication scheme:

  • Auto: Set this to have the connector attempt to automatically resolve the proper authentication scheme to use based on the other connection properties specified.
  • TemporaryCredentials: Set this to leverage temporary security credentials alongside a session token to connect.
  • AwsRootKeys: Set this to use the root user access key and secret. Useful for quickly testing, but production use cases are encouraged to use something with narrowed permissions.
  • AwsIAMRoles: Set to use IAM Roles for the connection.
  • AwsCredentialsFile: Set to use a credential file for authentication.

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Build 20.0.7654