JDBC Driver for Azure Analysis Services

Build 22.0.8462

Fine-Tuning Data Access

Fine Tuning Data Access

Set the following other properties may also be useful in certain situations:

  • UseMDX: Indicates if MDX queries are being submitted. By default this is false, which will cause the driver to accept only SQL-92 compliant queries.

    Setting this property to true will cause all queries to be passed through directly to Azure Analysis Services.

  • ExtraProperties: Additional properties to submit along with an MDX query. Only meaningful if UseMDX is true.
  • IncludeJoinColumns: Boolean indicating if extra columns used to make ON conditions with joins should be added.

    These do not come back with any values - they are added purely to enable tools that require them in order to automatically set up relationships between tables when creating joins.

  • ResponseRowLimit: Sets a calculated limit on the number of rows to allow the user to select before returning an error.

    Because queries are being translated to MDX, selecting only a few columns may exponentially multiply the number of expected results.

    For this reason, ResponseRowLimit is available to try and give some guidance on what types of queries are likely to result in a Timeout. May be disabled by setting to 0.

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Build 22.0.8462