ADO.NET Provider for Azure Analysis Services

Build 22.0.8389

COPY Bulk Data Transfer

The copybulkdatatransfer command loads large amounts of data from a file to populate a table.

COPY Bulk Data Transfer Syntax

    sql format: 
    COPY _table[(_column1, _column2 ...)] from '_path' [WITH] _options;

    JDBC case:
    statement.execute("COPY public.t_copy2 from 'D:\\DB\\CSV\\t_copy2.csv' WITH DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER");

    .NET case:
    DbCommand dbCommand = conn.CreateCommand();
    dbCommand.CommandText = "COPY public.t_copy2 from 'D:\\DB\\CSV\\t_copy2.csv' WITH DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER";
    int count = dbCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();

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Build 22.0.8389