Tableau Connector for Azure Analysis Services

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Creating a Custom OAuth App

When to Create a Custom OAuth App

Creating a custom OAuth app is optional as the connector is already registered with Azure Analysis Services and you can connect with its embedded credentials.

You might want to create a custom OAuth app to change the information displayed when users log into the Azure Analysis Services OAuth endpoint to grant permissions to the connector.

Follow the steps below to create a custom OAuth app and obtain the connection properties in a specific OAuth authentication flow.

Steps to Create a Custom OAuth App

Follow the steps below to obtain the OAuth values for your app, the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret.

  1. Log in to
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Azure Active Directory then App Registrations and click the New registration button.
  3. Enter an app name and set the radio button for the desired tenant setup. Then set the redirect url to something such as http://localhost:33333, the connector's default. Or, set a different port of your choice and set CallbackURL to the exact reply URL you defined.
  4. Define the app authentication type by going to the Certificates & Secrets section. There are two types of authentication available: using a client secret and using a certificate. The recommended authentication method is via a certificate, but you can also create an application secret.
    • Option 1 - Upload a certificate: In the Certificates & Secrets section, select Upload certificate and select the certificate to upload from your local machine.
    • Option 2 - Create a new application secret: In the Certificates & Secrets section, select New Client Secret for the app and select its duration. After saving the client secret, the key value is displayed. Copy this value as it is displayed only once, and it is used as the OAuthClientSecret.
  5. Select API Permissions and then click Add. when selecting permissions, use the Delegated permissions.
  6. Select API Permissions and then click Add a Permission. Under Select an API, select Azure Analysis Services (this may be under APIs my organization uses). Select the Model.ReadWrite.All permission.
  7. Save your changes.
  8. If you have selected to use permissions that require admin consent, you may grant them from the current tenant on the API Permissions page.

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